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You’ve worked hard and instead of investing the funds into the stock market or putting the funds into the bank, to get less than 1% interest a year, you decide to invest the money into an investment home.


You decided to move out of your home and to rent it out.


You have inherited a property and don’t know what to do with it.

Regardless of the reason, you have an investment property you would like to make a profit from.  The most important part of managing your property is finding the right tenants.

Tenants who will pay on time.  After that, the next scariest thought is to follow all of the rules related to being a landlord.  There may be rules about raising rents, rules on how to deal with repairs, rules on what is your responsibility and what is theirs.  In short, you want to minimize your legal liability as much as possible.

And the most terrifying thing of all is having to do an eviction.  Evictions costs you money in two ways.  The first is that you have to spend money on an eviction lawyer.  The second is non-payment of rent for about 1-2 months while the eviction is taking place, and then another 3-4 months of non-payment of rent if you settle with the tenants to avoid a jury trial.  (Given my experience with evictions, you will most likely want to settle to avoid a jury trial.)

When you hire JLC Services this is what you get:

1. Tenant screening:  Credit check, background check, employment verification, potential tenant interview, and income verification.

2. Management: Taking care of the property. Receiving repair requests, communicate any issues the tenants may have, post notices when
necessary, coordinate repairs, collect rents, and anything else that is needed to manage the property.

3. Be present in legal proceedings: If the city the property is in has a rental department and a tenant has filed a complaint, I can go
in your place and communicate why the tenants are wrong. If (God forbid) there is an eviction I can be present in your stead during the
case. Please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer, I am there because you cannot be present.

4. Make sure you are in compliance: There are rules for what you can and cannot do as a landlord. I will make sure you are in
compliance. Some cities have more rules than others, such as rent control, evictions laws, etc. I make sure you are following those

I do my best so that every month you get a steady stream of income and as little headache as possible.

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