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JLC Services (Website is under construction)

Thank you for visiting JLC Services. My website was hacked and I needed to start from scratch. Since I have not made a website in many years I will be slow in completing this project, but the good news is, you get to criticize my web page on how incomplete it is.


Someone has been calling random people stating that they represent JLC Services and that they are collecting money. Please note, JLC Services will never call you out of the blue and state that you owe money. 

Clients contact me and we discuss what work needs to be done and I give an estimate. Once I complete the work then I bill the client. I don’t work any other way.

Taxes during COVID-19

Full disclosure – I am scared of COVID-19 (the disease caused by COVID-2). I have two kids and ALL of their grand parents are still alive and I want to keep their grand parents alive for as long as possible.

Until the vaccine is widely available I will not be returning to the office, but I am doing taxes remotely


Personal Income Taxes

Don’t be ashamed of being behind on your taxes. Don’t be embarrassed that all of your information is disorganized. My job isn’t to judge you. My job is to help you file your taxes, so you can move on to more important things, like scrambling to get the proper worksheet for your kids while they are in Zoom class.

Personal Income Taxes

Other Services

I work with an associate Jose who offers additional services. These services include Notaries, and Insurance.

Other Services